Anne Perkins
California, United States


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I've studied and practiced Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) since 1991. I'm a California licensed acupuncturist and herbalist and a nationally certified diplomate in acupuncture and Chinese herbology. I graduated from the American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine in San Francisco and also received a Bachelor of Science in Nursing and practiced intensive care nursing as an RN in Colorado. In addition, I have over 26 years experience as a certified massage therapist in the Bay Area. My view is that my background in nursing and western medicine combined with training in TCM has provided a unique perspective on health and the human body. My philosophy is to assist each individual in obtaining balance in all areas of their lives. As one begins to heal and improve, they often naturally make positive adjustments in habits, relationships, work situations, etc. To achieve optimal results, I include the patient as an active participant in his or her healing. I'd be happy to assist you in your journey to health and healing. Health is all in the balance.
129 Fillmore St
San Francisco
California 94117
United States
(415) 722-9848