Bethany Richardson
California, United States


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Thursday 15:00 - 18:30
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My method of care utilizes a comprehensive combination of therapies integrating Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) with science-based emerging care in nutritional therapies. As part of assessing a patient's complaint, I will commonly examine general gut health. If pathogenic presence is found, we explore how efficiently the patient's system is performing its detoxification (the natural function whereby the body rids itself of toxins). We will do this in conjunction with the applicaton of traditional diagnosis methods used in Chinese Medicine. Treatment may consist of acupuncture, moxibustion (heat therapy), diet and lifestyle assessment, as well as herbal and nutritional therapies. I most commonly employ the use of herbal extracts over the raw form, though if serious health issues are present, or if time allows otherwise, I will suggest raw formulas. If need be, more expensive concentrate extracts of these raw formulas can be brewed by my outsourced supplier for stronger and faster-acting effects. Stylistically, I generally use a Japanese needling technique which is know for its gentleness. It is my belief that by merging cutting edge nutritional therapy with TCM I can offer health care that is comprehensive and effective while remaining non-invasive, safe, and long-lasting.
582 Market St Ste 1909
San Francisco
California 94104
United States
(510) 388-6077