Shamsi Creps
California, United States


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My interest in the study of energy and the power of the mind led me to the study of Tai Chi Chuan. I value my practice for it provides me the opportunity to quiet my mind, cultivate my qi, deepen my root and experience stillness in motion through relaxation. My practice allows me the opportunity to deepen my ability to listen to energy allowing me to know myself and others more fully. It also provides me an opportunity of meditation and pure connection wtih the whole of myself. I believe in the power of our thoughts and it's role in the creation of our lives. Just as food nourishes our physicial body, thoughts feed our spirit and soul. Reconnecting to our higher self is an essential part of the healing process. Our intuition guides us, and our ability to listen and trust this guidance expedites not only our healing process, but also our ability to experience joy and happiness in our lives. The mind commands great influence on the flow of energy in our lives and bodies towards vitality and well being.
3150 18th St Ste 201
San Francisco
California 94110
United States
(415) 596-4885