Our Story

The internet has changed a lot of things in our lives. The way we shop, the way we communicate with friends, the way we travel and more. But the way we seek healthcare hasn't changed, most of us still choose the hospital closest to us, even if we could've gotten better treatment from a different doctor further away

Why is this the case? We asked ourselves. Is it the convenience? Maybe. But we noticed there is a lack of information on doctors and clinics, which makes it impossible to tell which doctor offers better treatment so we decided to change that by creating the first global platform where you could seek advice and treatments from the most experienced doctors anywhere in the world. You would no longer be confined to only doctors at your local hospitals.

We want to create a completely transparent platform, where you can find each doctor's information, photos, videos and share your reviews and experiences with others. We hope you like what we've done here and we'd love to hear any comments or suggestions you have for us so please feel free to drop us a message or just a quick hello!

Our Team

Ruichen (Richard) Huang
Co-founder, CEO

Born and raised in Beijing, Richard knows all too well the importance of healthcare and the problems plaguing the local healthcare system as a result of overcrowding. Richard's greatest passion is helping people get better healthcare. He channels this passion into his work as the head of Chinese Medicine Club at Beijing Royal School and co-founder of ChineseTherapy.org. When he is not busy at work, Richard enjoys playing basketball.

Deziyun (Jasmine) Zhang
Co-founder, CMO

A native Beijinger, Jasmine is currently attending Sherfield School, a top boarding school in the United Kingdom. An aspiring media mogul, Jasmine is the driving force behind ChineseTherapy.org's growth. She is also superwoman who, between her busy school schedule and ChineseTherapy.org, could still find the time to indulge her other passions for photography, music, reading and movies.

Dingxin Gao
Co-founder, COO

Having managed several websites, Dingxin joins Richard and Jasmine to provide 'adult supervision' and realize the vision of helping people find better healthcare solutions online. When he is not at his desk, he enjoys watching movies and travelling.